More than a history of dates and people and places, St. Pius Tenth is a story of each passing generation who stood not on the backs of their predecessors, but who today, as before, stand on their shoulders, reaching even higher to record God’s promise to His people to provide as He has, has done, and will do! 

Here is a link to pictures and history of St. Pius Tenth Church. Please read below for a brief history of our previous church buildings.

As a result of the tremendous growth of our parish, our octagonal-shaped church was commissioned in 1970. This building held its first mass in January of 1971, and was dedicated in 1973. Our beloved bell tower was also installed that year.  In this building, our parish grew to become one of the largest in the diocese. Tragically, on January 1st of 2015, the church was destroyed by the fire. 

The octagonal church looking at the altar from the back corner.

Our previous church building, celebrated its first mass on Christmas of 1956. The parish was now named St. Pius X. The adjoining school opened for students in September of 1959. Throughout the 1960s, the parish grew substantially, to the point where many parishioners had to sit outside of the church in the school hallways, not unlike our recent experience celebrating mass in the surrounding classrooms! Our credit union was opened in 1967. Upon the construction of the octagonal-shaped church in 1971, this building was converted into the gymnasium for our school. In 2015, it graciously served once again as our church building as the parish center underwent repairs. 

Pictured here is the original church of our parish, originally named St. Fechan's. The parish began as a mission in 1855 to serve the growing number of Catholic families in Chili. Father Murphy became in charge of the parish in 1954, and was instrumental in moving the parish to the Chili Avenue location. You can still visit this church building, as it currently resides at the Genesee Country Museum!