The Fire

December 31st 2014 at 11:45 pm the automatic fire alarm went off. The Chili and Gates Volunteer Fire Departments. Fortunately hours later the fire was suppressed, and no one was hurt.

The next morning, daily mass was held in the former church on site, which is currently the school gym. Not a single celebration, mass, or event was missed.

Now we continue on The Way which although wandering we know that God writes straight with crooked lines.

When I stood in the parking lot at St. Pius Tenth on that cold night, January 1st, 2015, I reflected and prayed on the great task before us. Yet before my eyes, I watched and witnessed and rejoiced as so many members of our parish took it upon themselves to figure this out. The following day, our inaugural Mass was held without a hitch in the school gym.
— Fr Paul


Even though the building stood after the fire, after countless tests. examinations and assessments, the structure that housed our parish family was deemed a safety hazard and needed to be taken down. The demolition of the structure took place in June of 2015 taking a week.