To Restore All Things in Jesus Christ 

Welcome to St. Pius Tenth Church in Chili, NY! Our parish continues to rejoice at the many great blessings God has bestowed on our parish community! And yet, even as we carry on the mission of our benefactor – Pope St. Pius X – to “Restore All Things in Jesus Christ,” we strive to prayerfully discern God’s guidance in the rebuilding of our church, which was destroyed by fire on January 1, 2015. 

This site is dedicated to the rebuilding of our “Domus Dei” – our House of God!

For the past year and a half St. Pius Tenth Church has continued to restore itself as a resilient community alive in faith and love for our neighbors and our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

The devastation of the fire at our Church on January 1, 2015, did little to destroy that fervor, despite the heartache and impending need to rebuild. 

Regardless of the challenge, God has blessed our parish in so many wonderful ways.  We remain a people who rejoice in His welcoming spirit and love which keeps us growing and alive in a proud SPX heritage and tradition. 

Now is the time to begin the rebuilding not only of our community, but of our faith and incumbent worship space; one that is fitting for the warm welcoming and loving presence and embrace of Jesus Christ; and one which reflects our deep joy in Christ’s eternal promise of our redemption which we all hold deep in our hearts. 

With God’s grace we are guided to begin the “Rejoice, Rebuild, Restore” capital campaign for the rebuilding of “Domus Dei” – the “House of God” at St. Pius Tenth! Our goal is not monetary. Rather it is an inward effort to prayerfully discern what God envisions for each of us for addressing our parish’s temporal, pastoral, spiritual and service needs well into the future, and certainly beyond this generation and the next.  God has a plan for us in Chili. We must listen to His word and seek His guidance as we move forward to fulfill His calling – and our mission to be His people.  

Our goal for the capital campaign now underway is $2,000,000. If anyone can write a check for that amount, please call me right away! That said, the mission of Christ on earth and His apostles who succeeded Him is not about one’s singular gift. It’s about the cumulative effect of everyone at St. Pius Tenth – reflecting our will to give what we can, when we can, how we can. 

When I stood in the parking lot at St. Pius Tenth on that cold night, January 1st, 2015, I reflected and prayed on the great task before us. Yet, before my eyes, I watched and witnessed and rejoiced as so many members of our parish took it upon themselves to figure this out. That following day, as many attending daily Mass were in disbelief of the devastation they were witnessing for the first time, our inaugural Mass was held without a hitch in the school gym. In retrospect, we just returned to our roots to begin again. It is with this same perseverance and our ability to be flexible that I am confident and convinced that this goal is not only achievable – it’s inevitable! 

It is thus with this “bricks and mortar” mindset, I present to you our spiritual and corporal goals for Rejoice, Rebuild, Restore:

  • To build a new Church building reflective of God’s gifts to us in support of His mission;
  • To provide a pleasant, safe and welcoming spiritual atmosphere for present, new and returning parishioners;
  • To enjoin our community’s spirit and faith to evangelize the inactive, displaced and most vulnerable members of our church and community with a faith experience in the true communion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you know me at all – and please forgive me if I haven’t made myself known to you – please be aware that this St. Pius Tenth rebuilding effort is not about me. I am just one of many who have taken the reigns in hopes of moving SPX forward. Many more, I am certain, are sure to come! 

This effort is all about you – and how we as a faith-filled community dedicated to our benefactor, Pope St. Pius Tenth, to restore all things in Jesus Christ – will make this happen.

It is my privilege to serve you as parochial administrator here at Saint Pius Tenth. Please know that you are in my daily prayers.

May God Bless You!

Fr. Paul

Loving God, we come to you in thanksgiving,
knowing that all we are and all that we have is a gift from you.
Gracious God, we understand that you call us
to be the stewards of Your abundance,
the caretakers of all you have entrusted to us.
Holy God, in faith and love, help us to do your will.
May our generosity build your Kingdom
in the parish of Saint Pius the Tenth
and build the church building
for all the people of Saint Pius the Tenth.
May all that we say and do bring you
praise and honor and glory.
Saint Pius X, pray for us.