How we got to this point

BRIAN PORTER, Chairperson of the Rebuilding Committee, gave a five-minute synopsis at all Masses on 5/14-5/15/16 on the progress of the church rebuild. Have you been wondering, “What the heck are they doing?” or “What’s taking them so long?” Listen to this video and you will find out what the Committee has accomplished this past year and what is going to happen next.

Here is a video outlining the design process and the items we were looking for in our new Church.

We are using the document called “Built of Living Stones:  Art, Architecture, and Worship Guidelines” of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.

You can find the document linked here Built of Living Stones

The Rebuilding Comittee

The rebuilding committee consists of Father Paul, nine parishioners, and two diocese lliaisons. The committee was formed just months after the Fire with the goal of seeing the building of the new church completed as quickly, and correctly as possible. They have worked tirelessly to make sure that we have been on the right path.

The Liturgical Designer

Rolf Rohn is a world renowned and trusted liturgical artist, designer, educator, appraiser and construction consultant with over one half a century of experience. He has worked with the rebuilding committee and the parish to take our desires, wishes, and guiding documents of the Catholic Church to a point where we are confident that we have the best design for our needs.

The Liturgical Consultant

Monsignor James P. Moroney is one of the foremost experts on liturgical building, having sat on the committee that  oversaw the writing of the Built of Living Stones Document that guides construction for all Catholic Churches in the United States.

He is also Rector at Saint John’s Seminary in Boston, the seminary that the Diocese of Rochester sends its seminarians.